Digital Lion – James Blake + Brian Eno

There's been a flurry of activity surrounding post-dubstep poster boy and beat-making officionado James Blake recently. The release of his second LP 'Overgrown' is on its way and he's been steadily releasing tasters to the anticipating public, including the excellent 'Retrograde' and now a collaboration with electronic soundscaper Brian Eno. … [Read more...]

Amok – Atoms For Peace

Full of fidgety, jittering beats and some classic Yorkeian wailing vocals, Atoms For Peace's debut 'Amok' won't be to everyone's liking, but it's definitely one of the most interesting records to have come out so far this year. … [Read more...]

Heartbeat (feat. Colin McLoughlin) – Vicetone

As we are so devastatingly close to Easter holidays (or "spring break" as I've learnt to call it), why not start them off a little early? Vicetone teamed up with the talented Colin McLoughlin to produce what is one of my favorite party songs of the year so far. … [Read more...]

You Got Me (Glowing In The Dark) (Piano Radio Edit) – Patrick Hagenaar (feat. Marky Hartley)

Time to put on your dancing shoes. Even though the weekend is over you can still dance around your office/classroom on Monday morning with the help of our good friend Patrick Hagenaar (and Marky Hartley). … [Read more...]

An Avalanche of Music to Make Up For Lost Time: My Favorite Tracks Over The Holiday Period

The holidays are over. This means two things: Firstly, I will start posting regularly again. I know that this is a cause for intense celebration on your behalf and I'm happy to announce this news as though it were a late Christmas gift for you. You're welcome and if I deemed it acceptable to use emoticons in a blog post then you can bet your bottom dollar that there would be a … [Read more...]