8 Best Clubbing Songs for the Summer

Michael: Good morning everyone and apologies for our absence from the blogging game for the last couple of weeks but we been busy yo! I've been sick and umm.. Henry? Henry: I almost wish I could have kept what Michael had written here originally but I don't want to be arrested. M: Okay cool thanks for that mate. This post is a few days late as a result of me being bed … [Read more...]

The Best Katy Perry Remixes

Have you taken up running again this year? Well some of us never bloody gave it up so we have constant streams of running music. But, whatever: We could always do with some new music. Inspired by this post of Katy Perry's best remixes, we're rounding up the best from KP's PRISM which should last you a good few months at least. Per the original article: Katy Perry  'has … [Read more...]

The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 3

This week has seen Egypt descend into a political-hatred fuelled war zone and Jeremy Paxman grow a beard, so if you've had enough of all these gruesome images and coverage then here are five pieces of pure joy in aural form to get you through the next seven days: 1) Kwes - "36" I like to think of Kwes as a musical teddy bear; singing in his soft falsetto and producing … [Read more...]

LIVE : Disclosure @ Red Bull Studios

I write to you all from crutches, as I nurse my legs back to health from hours of dancing my little heart out to Disclosure and guests this Friday night, all powered through by Red Bull. … [Read more...]

An Avalanche of Music to Make Up For Lost Time: My Favorite Tracks Over The Holiday Period

The holidays are over. This means two things: Firstly, I will start posting regularly again. I know that this is a cause for intense celebration on your behalf and I'm happy to announce this news as though it were a late Christmas gift for you. You're welcome and if I deemed it acceptable to use emoticons in a blog post then you can bet your bottom dollar that there would be a … [Read more...]