The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 3

This week has seen Egypt descend into a political-hatred fuelled war zone and Jeremy Paxman grow a beard, so if you've had enough of all these gruesome images and coverage then here are five pieces of pure joy in aural form to get you through the next seven days: 1) Kwes - "36" I like to think of Kwes as a musical teddy bear; singing in his soft falsetto and producing … [Read more...]

Overgrown – James Blake

After the mercury music nominated success of his debut album, mood-step poster-boy James Blake is back with his second offering 'Overgrown'. … [Read more...]

Digital Lion – James Blake + Brian Eno

There's been a flurry of activity surrounding post-dubstep poster boy and beat-making officionado James Blake recently. The release of his second LP 'Overgrown' is on its way and he's been steadily releasing tasters to the anticipating public, including the excellent 'Retrograde' and now a collaboration with electronic soundscaper Brian Eno. … [Read more...]

LIVE : Disclosure @ Red Bull Studios

I write to you all from crutches, as I nurse my legs back to health from hours of dancing my little heart out to Disclosure and guests this Friday night, all powered through by Red Bull. … [Read more...]

What We’re Listening To: Edition 27

Yo, listen up to what we've been lapping up. God, that was awful: … [Read more...]