If you’re still looking for a Song of the Summer, it should be this.

  It's late in the summer game, but some people are only just going on vacation. Listen to this when you're driving down a freeway, or lying by a pool, or whatever you do in the summer. It's a bit Lorde, but a bit better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSP4DJtRbak Also, if you're looking for the upbeat song of the summer, it's Demi, … [Read more...]

Hang Loose- Alabama Shakes

The aptly named Alabama Shakes serve up a lighthearted blend of blues-inspired roots rock and touch of soul that harken back to The Band, Janis Joplin, Wilson Pickett, The Allman Brothers, and the like. From the first riffs, “Hang Loose” verges on an almost country, gospel-esque medley, with infectious Joplin-like vocals that doesn’t leave one lacking. No, they’re not … [Read more...]

bodyache – Purity

It's Monday, it's almost Spring, so this is just a reminder that Purity Ring's second album is full of sweetly rousing anthems perfect for April. We've approved their development (here) and if you needed further proof, bodyache is an intimate almost-three minute blend of bizarro lyrics and sophisticated harmonies. Business as … [Read more...]

What’s Going on with Rihanna?

If Taylor Swift is our Type-A princess, Rihanna's our DGAF queen. And that's great, even if - personally - I am about twenty six times closer to Swift. The Swifts of the world (no matter how successful they become) will always look longingly at the laissez-faire Rihannas. It's why Marnies will always be Marnies, and Jessas will always be ... kind of annoying, but annoying in a … [Read more...]

Worship – Years & Years

Their debut album drops in June, but Years and Years just made 'Worship' available for download with pre-order. It's step-up from 'King', landing on the more confessional side of electronic-heartbreak that we've come to expect since their their debut single, 'Real'. You probably won't hear many pop songs with 'my kingdom for your graces' in the chorus this year. My … [Read more...]