30 Songs for the Summer

Henry: It is legitimately almost summer. My friend ordered an iced coffee the other day; I have considered wearing shorts. That can only mean one thing: We write a lot about the summer. A brief history - of last year alone! - for the forgetful: Michael and I ran down '25 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Summer' (still applicable, I would re-think The 1975 though). We … [Read more...]

Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze – Kurt Vile

Are you going on a road trip this summer? Good. Take some Kurt Vile with you. The man’s music was basically made for one long road trip. … [Read more...]

Eyelid Kid drop debut track, Time Travel

Eyelid Kid are a new outfit that I'm totally vibing right now. Let the above photo be a hint at their music (it's super eery cool, and their name just gets me.) … [Read more...]

White Tiger – Izzy Bizu

  Izzy Bizu has all the hooks and the vocals to keep you listening here, as proven by my 8 straight play count of this tune. Find out why White Tiger is such a banger. … [Read more...]

Too Much – Sampha

Going against the majority here, and embracing my little indie role in the 1%, this Drake tune is so vastly improved by just getting rid of him, and leaving Sampha to shine. … [Read more...]