The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 4

Apologies for my absence last week (I was in Berlin sampling the finest that eardrum-splitting German techno has to offer), but I'm back in sunny London now, albeit slightly damaged of hearing, and ready to fire off another round of this week's best new slices of aural bliss. 1) Drake - "Hold On We're Going Home" OK, so this song has been out for a little bit but I keep … [Read more...]

The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 2

First things first - well done all of you for making it to the end of the week! You've endured sweaty school children on their summer holidays attacking you in the street like bunches of rabid zombies experiencing catastrophic sugar-highs, humid trains and buses and a relentless barrage of news updates on the Royal baby. But, you survived and as a small end of the week treat, … [Read more...]

Jonylah Forever – Lupe Fiasco

Tragically, another innocent citizen was shot down in the United States recently, here being a 6 month old girl, Jonylah Watkins. Lupe Fiasco pays tribute in a fitting song. … [Read more...]

Good Ass Intro – Chance The Rapper

So I'm a bit late to the party, but Chance The Rapper is fast becoming one of the hottest prospects in the college hip hop scene. Find out why I'm slow and he's awesome here. … [Read more...]

Chance the Rapper’s Juice is the most creative rap song you’re going to hear for a while

I know, not a very creative name, but definitely one of the most creative rap songs that I've heard in a while. Chance the Rapper hails from the Chi, hence the Sosa reference, and is another one of the young guns to watch out for in the future. He recorded his first mixtape 10 Day while on a ten day suspension from Jones Prep School after his teachers laughed at his desire to … [Read more...]