Things You Should Actually Listen To This Summer

    Henry: Hey. Sorry for the absence; we both took a trip to Copenhahen (So. Much. Blonde), Michael is now interning to learn more about Capitalism and I am relaxing in Tuscany to learn more about Myself. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we both compiled posts for your summer playlists (available here and here) and I've listened to those lists a good amount … [Read more...]

4 things getting me buzzing for Hideout 2013

As of 4am Friday morning, I am on holiday! Nice as my friends / girlfriend may be, the Hideout festival itself in Novalja is what's getting me truly excited. Let's discuss why. … [Read more...]

Julian – Say Lou Lou

Deep House has become my new Acoustic folk tunes, so Say Lou Lou come in and stomp all over my mellow playlist with their housetacular Julian. … [Read more...]

Airglow Fires – Lone

He may look like he works at PC World, but Lone is one of England's  finest producers, and after the noodly odyssey that was 2012's 'Galaxy Garden', he's back with a follow up on old favourites R&S. … [Read more...]

The 12 Best Deep House Songs

The times, they are a-changing, and deep house has taken the mainstream by storm over the last year. I don't want no music snobs coming and telling me deep house has been around since the 1980s, these are the twelve best deep house songs for 2013. … [Read more...]