Bands Similar to Imagine Dragons

M: Adoring fans, I'm back! I know you may have struggled without my fresh character featuring in your weeks but hope Elliot and Guy were almost good enough replacements in my absence. H: Yeah, yeah. Just introduce this week's post please. M: One of our bands of the year last year, Imagine Dragons's unmistakable epic pop has blown them up to the top of charts everywhere … [Read more...]

The Best Songs on The O.C Soundtrack

Henry: We are Michael-less today! He's literally heading off to The O.C (or somewhere in America, whatever) but we've got a more than adequate fill-in in the form of Guy; old-school friend, American-college-attending extraordinaire. Anyway to celebrate a) having someone of almost-American-descent and b)the 10th birthday of The O.C, we're driving down Nostalgia 101 into the best … [Read more...]

Interview: Postiljonen

So, Postiljonen! Can you first tell us about your band name and how you all found each other and began writing music together? Hello! Yes, we first met at a music school here in Stockholm in the fall of 2011, and actually on the first day we met we made our first song. So it went pretty fast in the beginning. Postiljonen it's an old swedish word for 'messenger' I guess you … [Read more...]

Ghost Beach get signed to Nettwerk

After all the great things we've had to say about Ghost Beach lately - Henry's filled us in back in February, and they were in our summer song compilation - it's great to see that they've finally been signed up in the U.K. … [Read more...]

The Best Summer Songs

  25 more perfectly aligned summer tunes, from your favourite indie, rock and pop artists. Because everyone (mainly us) enjoyed our last post about the 25 best summer songs, we'd thought we'd load you up with 25 more for your playlists. Because now that summer's in full-swing in England, there's no better time to blast out music related to living in California! … [Read more...]