The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 1

Ammar: Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many weekly features where I shepherd you musically-inclined folk to the tastiest gems of the past week's new releases. I'll try and cover as broad a range of music as possible, as long as I actually listen to the stuff, and traverse across the popularity spectrum (from Rihanna to 'that amazing post-punk-grunge '90s band that were … [Read more...]

Soliloquy – Zomby

Moody producer and all-round anonymous electronic craftsman Zomby is back with his third record 'With Love' later this year. Check out one of the newly released singles from it below: … [Read more...]

Interview: Zander Sharp on his new EP, working with Stornoway and the art of a miserable song

We caught up with Zander Sharp, whom we featured a few weeks ago, as he puts the finishing touches on his new EP. Some choice nuggets here, folks: Zander spills on his song-writing business, his past as  a 'moody twat' and cold-calling record companies. Who said punk's dead, eh? Take a listen to Let You Down and check out the interview after the break: … [Read more...]

Ife – Lionel Loueke

Time for some world music methinks, and what better than some guitar-based African jazz courtesy of Blue Note artist Lionel Loueke: … [Read more...]

The Cooker – The George Benson Quartet

I feel like there haven't been enough sixties throwback be-bop organ-jazz quartets on Can You Hear This as of late, so in an effort to remedy this here's one from one of my all time favourite groups, The George Benson Quartet … [Read more...]