The Best Freshers Music

Henry: Sorry for last week's non-entry; I was on vacation, Michael was back at university. We lead busy lifestyles and we don't apologise for nothing. Except for that one. How was your summer, Michael? Michael: It was bloody rad thank you. Freshers week has exposed to me that summer is not ideal for my alcohol tolerance though so good luck with that in October Henry. H: … [Read more...]

The 10 Best Hangover Songs

M: So no surprises for guessing where my inspiration for this post came from. Saturday night was one of my best/worst nights in history. H: Tell us alllllll what happened. Actually, just Whatsapp me because I too, feel slightly delicate after a fairly heavy weekend of drinking (I had two wedding ceremonies). M: So anyway, I delved into my iTunes and built the perfect … [Read more...]

The 8 Best Running Songs

M: Henry and I have recently gotten caught up with the wild competition the Nike+ running app inspires leading us to put on our trainers and don our headbands, all in the name of being the best. H: When he says best, Michael actually means to say, all in the name of being slightly less awful. M: We do suck. But at least we have a playlist to drive us as we stumble. Here … [Read more...]

Bands Similar to Imagine Dragons

M: Adoring fans, I'm back! I know you may have struggled without my fresh character featuring in your weeks but hope Elliot and Guy were almost good enough replacements in my absence. H: Yeah, yeah. Just introduce this week's post please. M: One of our bands of the year last year, Imagine Dragons's unmistakable epic pop has blown them up to the top of charts everywhere … [Read more...]

9 Best Summer Party Songs

Henry: Michael, how are you finding popular culture this summer? I was pleasantly surprised by The Wolverine when we saw it - and it seems everyone else was too. Michael: To be perfectly honest, I've missed more than I should. I'm fairly sure I'm the last person on Earth not to have seen Man of Steel! That said, Wolverine was much better than I expected and I've been loving … [Read more...]