4 reasons why Jimmy Fallon music is the best

So I've recently become pretty obsessed with Jimmy Fallon, and in particular his always amazing musical skits. Check out why these are a chat show revelation. … [Read more...]

Fuji Koto – Nephew Wray

  Sorry for the brief hiatus ladies and gents, but I'm back with a delightful, sample riddled, Tom's Diner mix from the ever talented Nephew Wray (formerly HMS Jake). … [Read more...]

The Nine Best College Songs – (Party Edition)

Things are either just getting doubly repetitive, or doubly good (it's the latter). College has started up again and it's now as good a time as any to add to our previous selection of college songs. The previous bunch were a mix of very sincere tunes - so we're lightening things up a bit here. These are our choice of the nine best songs to get your night started (and finished), … [Read more...]

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Pretty Little Penthouse (Prod. Brenton Duvall) – Tayyib Ali

I usually wouldn't include the producer in the title of a song, but Brenton Duvall's production is too superb to be ignored. Flipping a sample of Michael Jackson's "PYT" and layering Tayyib's vocals from "Penthouse Minutes" over the beat, Brenton has created a song that's perfect to bump back on Winter holiday. The worst part about it is that it's only 2:18.  It's one of those … [Read more...]

Money To Brightside – Mochi Beats (Lil Wayne, Drake & The Killers)

Whichever of you have thought my posts to be predictable (so probably all of you), take this. I am literally writing about a Lil Wayne song. Well sort of. Anyway it's dope. … [Read more...]