King – Years and Years (PACES Remix)

We've been talking about Years and Years for literally ... well, only a year actually. But they've blown up lately and even if King doesn't quite quite demand the same intensity of heart-break anthem Real, it's a worthy single to push in their (record label's) quest for chart dominance in 2015. The original song pulses along with one of the band's trademark choruses but PACES … [Read more...]

What links Pharrell, Kylie and Lea Michele?

They all have albums that we forgot to review but were half-heartedly to heavily promoted  on release! Late winter: That traditionally huge time for music, eh? Anyway, we're rounding up some reviews for you. … [Read more...]

The Best Katy Perry Remixes

Have you taken up running again this year? Well some of us never bloody gave it up so we have constant streams of running music. But, whatever: We could always do with some new music. Inspired by this post of Katy Perry's best remixes, we're rounding up the best from KP's PRISM which should last you a good few months at least. Per the original article: Katy Perry  'has … [Read more...]

#Music is #Legit. #ThatSeemedExcessive

Despite my 5 hashtag uses in about 7 words, this is a serious post. #Music (last one I promise) is going to be massive, I guarantee it. Myspace 2.0? #Potential (I lied.) … [Read more...]

The best of the internet’s reaction to Glee’s controversial latest episode

Spoilerzzzzzzzz below. … [Read more...]