Shattered Me – Bass Drum of Death

WAVVES and Ty Segall had a baby and they’re called Bass Drum of Death. Fuzzed-out, thrashing around, make no-apologies punk rock, this bare bones lo-fi duo have poised themselves to take on a slice of that California surf punk. Taking obvious cues from punk and proto-punk predecessors: Richard Hell, The Stooges, and The New York Dolls, their only drawback is lack of variation. … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift’s Red threat: a feminist’s favourite worst nightmare

Taylor Swift's Red - a metaphorically heady, literally hearty mix of lost love with overtones of Swiftian self-criticism - is the biggest selling new album of the year. Which is no surprise given Taylor's poised position at the intersection of glossy gossip and confessional, party-rocking pop. But Taylor's position in the musical world is nowhere nearly as easily defined as her … [Read more...]

In Honour of the Superbowl: a Beyonce remix

I didn't watch the Superbowl because we're based in England and ... sleep. But I've caught up and sure, it was good. … [Read more...]

(III) – Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles can be a pretty difficult band to get along with, renowned for their aggressive on-stage antics and screaming house-heavy music, they're not everyone's cup of tea. Seeing them live, though, is a completely different matter and their third album (the usefully titled 'III') is a great reflection on their live sound. … [Read more...]

Pussy Riot are one thirds free (leaving two still imprisoned though)

One of the greatest abuses of freedom speech in the music world has begun to be revoked as one of the three-piece Pussy Riot is freed after appeal. … [Read more...]