Green Garden – Laura Mvula

She is just dominating my iTunes playcount right now

She is just dominating my iTunes playcount right now

I may be late to the party, but Laura Mvula is certainly all that she has been hyped to be. Green Garden has me belting out Soul hooks like there’s no tomorrow.

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LIVE: The Weeknd @ Electric Ballroom


Fresh off the back of his debut album (slightly extended mixtape?) release, The Weeknd graced us Londoners with his presence in a series of four shows at Camden’s Electric Ballroom

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The 20/20 Experience – Justin Timberlake


So, after over six years of acting and general non-musical activity, like a prodigal son JT’s finally returned with a new release, and it’s so worth the hype:

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Breakfast Can Wait – Prince


Words cannot explain how excited I am that the purple soul/funk aural sex god that is Prince has retuned to our ears. No disrespect to Justin Timberlake, but this is how you get your comeback groove on:

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In Honour of the Superbowl: a Beyonce remix


I didn’t watch the Superbowl because we’re based in England and … sleep. But I’ve caught up and sure, it was good. [Read more…]

The Nine Best College Songs – (Party Edition)

Such a tenuous link between image and post.

Such a tenuous link between image and post.

Things are either just getting doubly repetitive, or doubly good (it’s the latter). College has started up again and it’s now as good a time as any to add to our previous selection of college songs. The previous bunch were a mix of very sincere tunes – so we’re lightening things up a bit here. These are our choice of the nine best songs to get your night started (and finished), college-style. Expect the party-pretentious, distorted pop and a lot of remixes. [Read more…]

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Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake Ft. Jay Z


Justin helpfully illustrating what a suit and tie is

It’s the prodigal return of Timbo and Trousersnake, and I’m a little over-excited to say the least. It’s been six years since his last release, ‘Futuresex/Lovesounds’ and many people thought he’d never get back to making music, but after letting us all know that he’s ‘ready’, the time has come to check out my thoughts and the new track below:

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