25 songs that will get you pumped for summer

Michael: Although my skin seems totally intolerant of what the sun does to it in the next few months, I still love the summer. Nothing makes me happier than sitting in the sun and doing absolutely fuck all for the day. Well not absolutely, the summer is only the summer if you have your summer songs to go with it. Henry: Amen to that fair prayer. We've spun through 25 of the … [Read more...]

The Nines: Driving in the Dark

The beautiful flashing neon lights and the comforting hum of your engine as you cruise through a metropolis makes driving in the dark one of life's constant pleasures. That is, if you have a killer soundtrack to accompany you. Luckily, we've got one for you. … [Read more...]

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The 5 best Lana Del Rey remixes

I trawled through her SoundCloud page for hours. For you. And for music. … [Read more...]

5 Brilliant Exercise Songs for your Work-Out

  Motivation, motivation, motivation. This goes out to my sister who's going to be running the London marathon soon. And all those people struggling against the daily gym grind. I sympathise. These are mostly remixes but they're good remixes, chumps. … [Read more...]

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The Nines: Things Chiddy Bang Have … Done

US pop-rap at its finest! No, seriously, there's some stuff in this list. It's not meant as a diss-list (there are a handful of great tracks here) but Chiddy Bang have given us some dubious remixes. Like, really dubious. Let's take a look. Housekeeping: for the remixes, I've just listed the original songs (though there is a hazy distinction in some cases, like Mind Your … [Read more...]

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