Goodbye from us

Henry: Can You Hear This is closing its virtual doors (we never actually had physical ones). Our writers are busy doing cool stuff around the world, Michael has an actual job, I'm actually looking for a job. So many things are going on in our world. Anyway, it was lovely talking to you. You used to find us on our website, but soon we'll only be on Instagram.   … [Read more...]

The Weeknd’s album was released today

Do you follow Lana Del Rey on Instagram? You should, because she's adorable. This morning, she grammed a photo of The Weeknd (because they have a collaboration on his new album - more of that in the next sentence - and cross promotion is great) saying: 'Proud of you Angel, and our track XO'. She's proud because The Weekend's new album was released today and he's managed to send … [Read more...]

Should you get Apple Music? Thinkpiece edition.

The short answer to that is: Probably. On the free trial? Definitely. I've downloaded it and - apart from a few iCloud bugs - it works pretty well. Actually, it is so easy. And it has Taylor Swift's entire catalogue. I've always been a Spotify fan but now that I've got Apple Music just sitting there in my dock, it's my go-to (I still use Spotify on my laptop though). I know … [Read more...]

Did you know this happened?

Because we did not. Miley Cyrus' backyard sessions - for a super great cause - are a treasure trove of rando musicians and unknowns. But somehow, this Miley-Ariana passed us by. It's really good, it's really cute, and made me remember that Miley is actually kind of cool. She seems like a fun hang. … [Read more...]

Discover the Best of Summer Tracks with 8tracks

It’s summer once again, and we’re all busy populating our playlists with music to listen to as we drive out to the beach or stretch out in hammocks. If you’re still listening to last year's 30 Songs for Summer and are wondering what the rest of the world might be listening to, just whip out your mobile phone. Because mobile internet is now the most powerful trend on the … [Read more...]