Lana Del Rey releases new track; summer allowed to start officially

This one album-a-year cycle comes naturally to LDR. Do you remember when everyone loved LDR for a hot two seconds after 'Videogames', then proceeded to tease the new kid for like, two years, then realized - upon the release of Paradise and Ultraviolence - she was actually just really good? Lana rode out that rollercoaster in an anaesthetised summer daze, probably wearing a red … [Read more...]

What’s Going on with Rihanna?

If Taylor Swift is our Type-A princess, Rihanna's our DGAF queen. And that's great, even if - personally - I am about twenty six times closer to Swift. The Swifts of the world (no matter how successful they become) will always look longingly at the laissez-faire Rihannas. It's why Marnies will always be Marnies, and Jessas will always be ... kind of annoying, but annoying in a … [Read more...]

Shattered Me – Bass Drum of Death

WAVVES and Ty Segall had a baby and they’re called Bass Drum of Death. Fuzzed-out, thrashing around, make no-apologies punk rock, this bare bones lo-fi duo have poised themselves to take on a slice of that California surf punk. Taking obvious cues from punk and proto-punk predecessors: Richard Hell, The Stooges, and The New York Dolls, their only drawback is lack of variation. … [Read more...]

Breaking Against the Tide – Craft Spells

Craft Spells is the audio equivalent of an 80s teen dream. If New Order, The Jesus and the Mary Chain, and Cocteau Twins are of your vernacular, these guys are right up your vein - mine included. While their first album, Idle Labor, was decidedly more lo-fi, Nausea is noticeably more refined, put together, and melodic. Perhaps it’s the result of growing up in an arid landscape … [Read more...]

Go Try – Wilsen (White Hinterland remix)

  If your Friday's going anything like mine - extremely chilled, sometimes sunny - this White Hintderland remix is your go-to track. It reverbs about - throws in a couple of synths - but never upsets the original vocals too much. Turn up, calm down: … [Read more...]