Same Damn Time – Beat Connection

If warm sun rays aren't glossing your face right now, perhaps Beat Connection can help. A 3-piece electronic outfit from Seattle, WA, Beat Connection craft serious dream-laden melodies. 'Same Damn Time' is a heady slow dive into an ethereal summer; an airy, tricked out blend just as melodic as it is futuristic. Straddling that happy medium between chill and upbeat, it's a … [Read more...]

Ode to Viceroy – Mac DeMarco

By now you might be aware of Kurt Vile, Mac DeMarco and Ty Segall as the triumvirate sent to revive the sounds of garage rock’s past. DeMarco is the scrawny, gap-toothed river creature that crawled from the depths of Canada and seemingly slid his jangly melodies into indie folk rock. Lodged in a time warp, DeMarco is like a rambling man from a bygone era. A pinch of 60s … [Read more...]

King – Years and Years (PACES Remix)

We've been talking about Years and Years for literally ... well, only a year actually. But they've blown up lately and even if King doesn't quite quite demand the same intensity of heart-break anthem Real, it's a worthy single to push in their (record label's) quest for chart dominance in 2015. The original song pulses along with one of the band's trademark choruses but PACES … [Read more...]

6 of Lana Del Rey’s Best Unreleased Tracks

The internet's one true strength is of course, taking rights away from artists. No-one's suffered more at the hands of Hacktivists more than Lana Del Rey. You thought Wikileaks was a problem? LDR had to write a whole new album because of you guys. What's actually kind of cool about the whole thing is that LDR has this intense internet mythology built around her that's … [Read more...]

‘Stole Your Midnight’ – Newsome

  There was a point in late 2012 where the pop music landscape looked to shift from the Teenage sugar-highs of 'Call Me Maybe' (and literally, 'Teenage Dream') and the late-night, drunk-anthems of 'We Are Young' to something smaller and more intimate. That was largely thanks to Frank Ocean's Channel: ORANGE which - title stylisation aside - is an enjoyable exploration … [Read more...]