8 Best Summer Dance Songs

The best thing about summer is the music. And the weather. And the photos. And the food. And the holidays. And, well pretty much everything. But most importantly: the social acceptability of day drinking spikes. Pimms! G&Ts! Corona! I'm going to a garden party this weekend so we should probably take a long look at the best songs you can dance to, drink in hand, this summer. … [Read more...]

25 songs that will get you pumped for summer

Michael: Although my skin seems totally intolerant of what the sun does to it in the next few months, I still love the summer. Nothing makes me happier than sitting in the sun and doing absolutely fuck all for the day. Well not absolutely, the summer is only the summer if you have your summer songs to go with it. Henry: Amen to that fair prayer. We've spun through 25 of the … [Read more...]

6 absolute gems from the final O.C album

1) California - Mates of State It's hard to cover an iconic song. And it's weirder when your cover is being featured on the show that made the original song iconic. But you've got to hand it to Mates of State for adding their signature light touch to the indie-rock-pop song. While we're at it: Phantom Planet are the bomb. I used to listen to The Guest over and over. And … [Read more...]

6 reasons why you need to check out the music on The Vampire Diaries. Seriously.

A moment of seriousness: The Vampire Diaries is seriously good stuff. It has great, scene-chewing leads. It plays out like an edge-of-yer-seat horror movie and moves at the speed of a freight train. It's glorious. But even more glorious? The music selection. Some seriously great moments are played out to the below tunes so even if you don't like vampires, check out the OST … [Read more...]

7 pop stars whose names … are not their names

I read a super interesting post ... somewhere the other day about what to call people trans people. The end result was: whatever the hell they want to be called. Which makes sense. If someone was born an Alex and becomes a Katy, you call them freakin' Katy. It's their choice. The real kicker came in when they were talking about people feeling discomfort about calling them names … [Read more...]