The Weeknd continues to kill it (summer)

'Can't Feel My Face' was a mainstay on most of my summer playlists, and The Weeknd's laying down heavy promotional work for his forthcoming album. This September is overloaded with releases; Halsey, Lana Del Rey, and Frank Ocean (just kidding) are everywhere. The Weeknd's covering most bases (he's teamed up with Del Rey ... and Ed Sheeran, for his album) and this Kanye-produced … [Read more...]

Should you get Apple Music? Thinkpiece edition.

The short answer to that is: Probably. On the free trial? Definitely. I've downloaded it and - apart from a few iCloud bugs - it works pretty well. Actually, it is so easy. And it has Taylor Swift's entire catalogue. I've always been a Spotify fan but now that I've got Apple Music just sitting there in my dock, it's my go-to (I still use Spotify on my laptop though). I know … [Read more...]

Did you know this happened?

Because we did not. Miley Cyrus' backyard sessions - for a super great cause - are a treasure trove of rando musicians and unknowns. But somehow, this Miley-Ariana passed us by. It's really good, it's really cute, and made me remember that Miley is actually kind of cool. She seems like a fun hang. … [Read more...]

Songs For Your Next Night Out

Right, so what was I up to while I was on hiatus? Learning French (poorly), and going out a fair bit, which went an awful lot better. Along the way, I assembled a fair few classics for any night out, so check a couple of them out here. … [Read more...]

60s Throwback

The Sixties really were a crazy decade. Socially, politically, in the world of sport, cinema, and most importantly for this article, musically, that decade completely redefined the world. So which classic choooons am I listening to this week? … [Read more...]