Catching Up With Elliot

Apologies, apologies, 100x I'm sorry. Just like Elton and the boys from Blue (now that is a blast from the past) I want to know what I gotta do to make you love me. I abandoned you all, so here's a bunch of great tunes I've listened to that hopefully cover all bases and mean we aren't in this silly fight any more. … [Read more...]

What We’ve Been Listening To: A Bumper Edition Yo!

M: It's been a long time since we've been here to keep all of y'all entertained. I mean, we know how exceptional the Dancing with Myself piece was but we figured three months later, it may be time for something new Henry? H:Hello! Yes, sorry. Blame it on the finals. M: Insightful analysis as usual Henry. I went to a Boiler Room guys (do not try and find the link, you will … [Read more...]

Whiplash (Review)

A little diversion from our usual fare, but I recently watched Whiplash ( with Italian subtitles, I feel they don't quite convey how aggressive Fletcher really is ) and thought it was, at the very least, really interesting. Check out why below. … [Read more...]

Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ is necessary, but not necessarily good

Lily Allen's propah come-back took the form of 'Hard Out Here' (a title that really feel likes it needs 'For A Bitch' in brackets after) and like everyone's talking about it, didn't you know? It's an important song - and video - at a time where both criticism, and promotion of sexism in pop music (and also rock, and indie, and EDM, and rap) have reached an apex. There have been … [Read more...]

The biggest musical disappointments

Henry: Happy Hallowe'en. Get ready for an awkward segue: Don't you think it's scary how bad bands you love can turn out to be? Positively spooky.  Michael: I'm shivering at the thought of listening to the third Kooks album. … [Read more...]