bodyache – Purity

It's Monday, it's almost Spring, so this is just a reminder that Purity Ring's second album is full of sweetly rousing anthems perfect for April. We've approved their development (here) and if you needed further proof, bodyache is an intimate almost-three minute blend of bizarro lyrics and sophisticated harmonies. Business as … [Read more...]

Worship – Years & Years

Their debut album drops in June, but Years and Years just made 'Worship' available for download with pre-order. It's step-up from 'King', landing on the more confessional side of electronic-heartbreak that we've come to expect since their their debut single, 'Real'. You probably won't hear many pop songs with 'my kingdom for your graces' in the chorus this year. My … [Read more...]

Fall’s New Music

Henry: Sorry folks for the delay but we are back. And back for good. And gosh there's a lot of new stuff out there y'all. So we decided to run through it for you guys, sorting through the good, bad and the mediocre. First things first Crewe, what the hell's going on with Donald Glover? Michael: Whatever. After he bailed on Community, I don't know I can ever forgive him. I've … [Read more...]

The 10 Best Hangover Songs

M: So no surprises for guessing where my inspiration for this post came from. Saturday night was one of my best/worst nights in history. H: Tell us alllllll what happened. Actually, just Whatsapp me because I too, feel slightly delicate after a fairly heavy weekend of drinking (I had two wedding ceremonies). M: So anyway, I delved into my iTunes and built the perfect … [Read more...]

8 things going to college has taught me about music

  If music be the food of love, students listen to a lot of cereal. But seriously, a lot of Macklemore and dodgy House music await you at university. … [Read more...]