The 8 moments from The 20/20 Experience that belong in a porn video

First up, go read our review of JT's 20/20 Experience from yesterday. Ammar's right, there's a lot of good stuff in there. But there's no doubt that there's also a lot of ... ick factor. Seriously, what is JT trying to prove? He has lots of sex? He smokes a lot of pot? Cool. That's great - I'm seriously really happy for him - but it can get a bit much. As Ammar noted, 'he whole … [Read more...]

5 songs for the sun, sea & sand

Finals are dragging me down right now, but my one saving grace getting me through days otherwise filled with compensating variation, deadweight loss (Oxford Comma?) and the Glorious Revolution is the thought of going home to the beach in a few days. One of the most important parts of beach preparation is the playlist. When all your friends show up tan and beach ready and you've … [Read more...]