What links Pharrell, Kylie and Lea Michele?

They all have albums that we forgot to review but were half-heartedly to heavily promoted  on release! Late winter: That traditionally huge time for music, eh? Anyway, we're rounding up some reviews for you. … [Read more...]

Albums to buy in 2014

Henry: Sorry we're late on the upstart but we're here now. And that's pretty much all that matters. We're talking you through which albums to buy in 2014 - whether they're new, or you just might have forgotten about a few. There might even be a single or two. I know. Wild. Michael: Yep super sorry, we've barely shown ourselves for the last month due to other stuff (that's as … [Read more...]

A few words about Sophie Delila

Sophie Delila is coming to town (about a month before Santa) and this is a case of Christmas coming early. Let's delve into the works of this soon to be French starlet. … [Read more...]

White Tiger – Izzy Bizu

  Izzy Bizu has all the hooks and the vocals to keep you listening here, as proven by my 8 straight play count of this tune. Find out why White Tiger is such a banger. … [Read more...]

Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’ is necessary, but not necessarily good

Lily Allen's propah come-back took the form of 'Hard Out Here' (a title that really feel likes it needs 'For A Bitch' in brackets after) and like everyone's talking about it, didn't you know? It's an important song - and video - at a time where both criticism, and promotion of sexism in pop music (and also rock, and indie, and EDM, and rap) have reached an apex. There have been … [Read more...]