The Royal Concept

The Royal Concept

Swedish indie rockers The Royal Concept took time out before the release of their debut EP to answer a few questions for Can You Hear This.

Why The Royal Concept?

We used to be The Concept but then another band took the name and put out an EP we really didn’t want to be associated with. To avoid confusion we put Royal in there. We want our audience to feel like they’re royals. 

How long have you been making music for?

We’ve been a band since April last year. Individually we’ve been making music forever. David’s dad is a famous cello player, Filip’s an old rockstar so we all grew up with music everywhere. 

Who have been your biggest musical influences?

Rufus Wainwright, Daft Punk, Paul Simon, The Strokes, and a whole lot more. We try to make guitar driven songs in an electronic landscape. 

Where did you all meet?

In Stockholm. David and Filip met in high school. Povel came along a few years later and Magnus joined us last year when we needed a bass player/handsome redhead in the band. 

What do you make of the comparisons to Phoenix and the Strokes all over the interweb?

We certainly don’t mind it. There are worse bands to be compared with. We’re just happy that the comparison is drawn to such great bands. When our LP comes out, people will be making other great comparisons. 

Hopefully, great bands will be compared to us in the future. 

Has it been hard to get your music out from Sweden to the UK and US markets?

On the contrary. It’s been hard for us to build a crowd in Sweden but with the power of blogs and people’s interest in alternative music outside of Sweden, we’ve been lucky and gotten noticed very fast. Swedish music usually gets noticed outside of Sweden first and then the Swedes get it. It’s like a quality stamp, if it’s good enough for the US and UK, it’ll do for us too. 

What’s your favourite track you’ve ever written?

In The End. It’s our EP’s anthem, but on the LP it’s going to get some tough competition. 

What’s your favourite song, past or present by other artists?

Right now, Cruel by St Vincent. She’s the new Jimi Hendrix. For sure. 

What’s your best on tour story?

We played a gig in Stockholm and when we arrived there was no stage so we had to build it from scratch. The crowd stood there waiting patiently while we built our stage. Drum parts were flying and bouncing everywhere because the foundation wasn’t all that solid. We should have filmed that and put in on YouTube, I guess things like that break new bands nowadays. 

And when can people next expect to see you on stage?

We’re going on tour with Wolf Gang this fall and we’re gonna go basically everywhere. So check out our tour days.

Way Out West

What’s the best moment you’ve had so far as a group? 

Just last week we played Way out west in Gothenburg, our last show in Sweden for a while. When we stood there on stage after the show sweaty and exhausted hearing  10 000 people singing our songs, that was our best moment to date. 

Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

Touring the world, keep writing music we like and staying close friends. At least. We have a lot of dreams but we have to keep some for ourselves. 

Your house is burning down, which item do you grab and why?

You want us to say the guitars right? The truth is, we couldn’t leave without our Swedish tobacco, although that would probably be the perfect time to quit. And the sinus relief, we have a constant collective cold because of the AC machines here in America. For trying to act like rock stars, our drugs are pretty safe. Still we’re heavy over the counter addicts and try to quit every day.

Thanks very much from all of us at Can You Hear This

You can feel like a Royal and find out all things The Royal Concept from the band’s Facebook.

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