2012 Countdown: Our Videos Of The Year

Videos continued to grow in importance in 2012 thanks to the ever-growing reliance on the internet as a means of distribution. And if that sounds like a lazy way for artists to hawk their music, it's not. Every video on this list is on a creative par with the song upon which it's based. There'll always be lazy tie-ins - 'hey, we made a video so like it and buy the record … [Read more...]

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About You – XXYYXX

It's not often that I listen to a 16 year old musician and not only love the music they're making but also think it's been made by a thirty-something seasoned professional. When I first heard XXYYXX though it was perfect - chopping up James Blake style vocals with the nocturnal atmosphere of a Weekend or Burial track. 'About You' is the first single of his debut record, take a … [Read more...]