ArtClassSink release new EP, ILLA

Happy 2K14 all you party people! Sorry it's a tad late, I have literally been up to my eyeballs in essays / had loads of work / I've been ill, so basically I expect sympathy all round. New Year's present then, in the shape of this banger of a new EP. … [Read more...]

Interview: Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Fresh off of an astounding public reaction to his debut single, Vapour, Tim Bettinson or Vancouver Sleep Clinic catches up with us as he prepares to release more material. … [Read more...]

Interview: Seasfire

Hey guys, first and foremost your new single Oh... Lucifer has come out. That must be exciting! What has the response to this single release been like in comparison to others? Do you feel like people are more excited about it? Well it has been fantastic to get a very positive response from those that have heard it, yes. I think people realise a progression … [Read more...]

Time To Kill – Gold & Youth

  Winter is almost over. It's one of those things where it was exciting going into it and then we had Christmas and New Years Eve, and after that I was ready to see the sun once more. What better way to welcome in Spring with a gloriously youthful tune from Gold & Youth? … [Read more...]

Lighthouse – IYES

I've been starved of a great male and female duet on a track since The XX album came out and blew my mind. However, today that all changes. Lighthouse is a beautifully thoughtful electronic number that transports me to a far away place (a nice far away place, not one where it's one). … [Read more...]