The 9 Saddest Break Up Songs

In the interest of fairness, I thought it only right to follow up Henry's Nines a few weeks ago on songs about beginnings of relationships and falling in love with one on the nastier side of relationships - the break ups. So, whether you've been a 'dumpee' or 'dumper' or just avidly read all my posts (unlikely) then you should listen to these songs: … [Read more...]

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Higher Love – Tyler James

The Voice UK is really good. Although the live shows were a tad too X-Factor for me, there is some rad talent on the show making tuning in always worthwhile. Tyler James impressed the most last night. … [Read more...]

Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

By now, every aspect of Amy Winehouse's life, downward trajectory and death has been pored over, analysed and commented upon. As such, it's difficult to add anything that hasn't been said. However, I believe it is worth adding support to those who praise Winehouse's wonderful body of work and her obvious amiability rather than those who focus upon her excessive drug taking and … [Read more...]