Autumn Music to Fall into

Henry: I am so excited for Autumn; the intensity of Summer's over and Christmas schmaltz hasn't taken over yet. Now's prime jumper-wearing weather and music-listening season. The sentimental stickiness of summer music is an August memory, and my iPod isn't all Zooey Deschanel covering Christmas songs yet. Instead it's as hopeful as a crisp morning walk through a forest, or like … [Read more...]

Autumnal Excitement: Rolling Stone Pick Out The Best Albums Released This ‘Fall’

  Early Christmas present: a Rolling Stone list. Their Fall Music Preview will whet your appetite for the coming months with albums from No Doubt, Band Of Horses (!) and Grizzly Bear. It's pretty male-dominated which is a shame but isn't quite as bad as Pitchfork's according to Slate. And it's Sunday,  it's not like you had plans anyway. … [Read more...]