Reasons to get loved up for Lovebox

Ah Lovebox, my choice for this Summer's Taylor one off festival, and with it a mere 48 hours away, I'm starting to get mighty excited over it all, and Michael had better be too ( if he sorts out his act and gets a ticket. ) Check out my top picks amongst a phenomenal lineup hitting Victoria Park this Friday. … [Read more...]

Fall Over – Banks

  There's something unusual here, and you'll probably get what I'm talking about within the first 15 seconds of this song. You think you can predict it, but all of a sudden there's a note that makes you think twice or a lyric that provokes a double take. Fall Over is what I almost did when I saw this video because I was so in love with it. You'd best take a look. … [Read more...]

Something Beautiful – Jacob Banks

A bit of British music today, and young Jacob Banks represents a great reason to optimistic for the future of British singer songwriters and soulful vocalists. … [Read more...]

Atlantis – Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks exploded into the mainstream market with 212, but can Atlantis produce the same results, or is its fate as doomed as the city it's named after? (I studied classical mythology, I'm cool. ) … [Read more...]