A few reasons why I NEED to get my hands on Parklife Tickets

Festival season is just round the corner (with that whole pesky exam business standing between me and daydrinking) and there's one that I am desperate to go to. Cue Parklife. … [Read more...]

LIVE: Bastille and To Kill a King @ Shepard’s Bush Empire

Heads up, this is being published long after I've left the country. Away for a family wedding so somewhat out of action. Thankfully I can schedule this bad boy now! Anyway, pointless self-centered ramble over, here is a review of gig. … [Read more...]

Remember that time we interviewed Bastille?

I was going to make this post a Nines and call it '9 Things We Were Right About Before They Happened' but I couldn't find 8 others. Okay, maybe Gotye? Kodaline are doing pretty well. fun. went onto win like, all the Grammys. But Bastille now have a number 1 album and we were definitely there before well, your neighbour had heard of them. Anyway, Jonah first took notice way back … [Read more...]

6 reasons why music in the UK has never been better

Quit your moaning, because for every Gangnam Style that infects our beloved Top 40, there's a whole load of quality British artists raising it to new heights. Don't believe me? Just read on and see. … [Read more...]

Pompeii – Bastille

Bastille have blown up. Flaws got to 21 in the REAL CHARTS (we had it in February 2011)!? That, their first single, was one of their first ever songs. Their second, Pompeii is newer and will face a sterner test to gain such a chart position. Thankfully, it's awesome so not to worry. Listen after the jump … [Read more...]