4 reasons why I’m excited to see Ben Howard again this June

June 13th is a day specially marked in my calendar. With one of my best buds from uni, I get to head down to see Ben Howard at the  Hammersmith Apollo and see him perform live once again. What makes me think he will be even better than before? Take a look. … [Read more...]

6 reasons why music in the UK has never been better

Quit your moaning, because for every Gangnam Style that infects our beloved Top 40, there's a whole load of quality British artists raising it to new heights. Don't believe me? Just read on and see. … [Read more...]

2012’s Best (And Worst) Trends

Oh boy, there was some stuff in 2012. And lots of that stuff can stay the hell in 2012. Ubiquitous four to the floor tracks, annoygin vocal ticks and Emeli Sande got on our writers' nerves this year. But as ever we liked a lot, too. In fact, 2012 was a bumper year for trends. R&B's landscape was redefined, artists returned second albums that didn't suck (easier said than … [Read more...]

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Music Made In Chelsea: Season 4, Episode 3

The first dose of Music Made in Chelsea was actually super popular so it's back. This time I actually concentrated, even during Richard's ridiculously pretentious centurion, key-bracelet launch party.. This week you get my choice as well as a list of every other artist featured. … [Read more...]

These Days Of Ours – India Bourne

If you are all die hard, loyal readers of my writing (who am I kidding, of course you are) then you will have heard India Bourne before. She is the cellist / bassist / back up singer on the majority of Ben Howard's new album. In early August she released her first EP, These Days of Ours. … [Read more...]