The 5 best Lana Del Rey remixes

I trawled through her SoundCloud page for hours. For you. And for music. … [Read more...]

Lana Del Rey’s Favourite Jeans (They’re Blue)

I wasn't able to watch this LDR performance (of a song I reviewed back in October!) as I was organizing my year book - the most tedious thing that happened on a particularly laid-back Sunday - but I caught up on YouTube. It's really, really good! Watch below. … [Read more...]

Blue Jeans – Lana del Rey

The exciting thing about growing up with the internet as your older, more advanced sibling is that you can experience an artist's journey from YouTube hit to success. But for every Katy Perry, there's a Sandi Thom. Fortunately for us, Lana del Rey has the promise of the former. She amazed us with her debut, Videogames. Of course, as with any promising artist there has to be a … [Read more...]