Catching Up With Elliot

Apologies, apologies, 100x I'm sorry. Just like Elton and the boys from Blue (now that is a blast from the past) I want to know what I gotta do to make you love me. I abandoned you all, so here's a bunch of great tunes I've listened to that hopefully cover all bases and mean we aren't in this silly fight any more. … [Read more...]

Blue and Gold drop their debut EP

Blue and Gold have come out with a brand spanking new EP via their Soundcloud, and it's all sorts of brilliant. Think a bit of Alabama Shakes, a little 70s and a whole lot of blues. … [Read more...]

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

A classic for today because it has been completely stuck in my head for the past few days. Fast Car is my favourite song by multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award winner Tracy Chapman. Chapman began writing songs at the tender age of eight, and it becomes crystal clear that songwriting is her calling when you take a listen. Yeah, breathtaking. Sorry, just had to fit … [Read more...]