Bright Lights – Gary Clark Jr.

I am so close to school ending that it is teasing me. There are two days left until I am free to, well, work all day every day. Exciting isn't it, that old life of mine. Anyway, the track that has been driving me through these final days that seem to go on forever is Gary Clark Jr's Bright Lights. … [Read more...]

Bright Lights (Netsky Remix) – Die & Interface (feat. William Cartwright)

Drum & Bass anyone? This song, Bright Lights by Die Interface and William Cartwright ever since it was made always seemed to be begging for a remix, and Netsky (as always) gives us a great one. The vocals are great, but again, are the kind of vocals that feel like they belong in a drum & bass song like this. This may seem like just another generic drum & bass … [Read more...]