LIVE: Burial Club @ The Barfly

After a six hour journey for one of us (cough cough) and a five minute one for the other, two members of the Can You Hear This team made it to Camden Barfly; one of us a Look See Proof fanatic, the other an idiot (with little knowledge of Look See Proof). Regardless  we both left loving Burial Club, read why after the jump. … [Read more...]

The Nines: Best Summer Songs 2012

Summer is actually here in the UK. This little feature would have been up a touch later except there has been nowhere near enough sun to warrant it. Just imagine summer is August to October and enjoy nine songs from past and present. … [Read more...]

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Fortress – Burial Club

Some moments just cannot be bought. You think that they'll never happen meaning that when they do, they are all the more meaningful. I experienced such a moment (and so can you) after the jump. … [Read more...]

Hello Friend – Electric Skies

Oh how I've missed this type of music. With Look See Proof gone and Burial Club/My Vessel both having gone dark over the past few months, nothing has filled my guitar indie void. Until today! … [Read more...]