Your summer anthem just got a video…

... and it's awfully pretty. Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris love it up on I Need Your Love and it's predictably hip. It's all very sunny and road-trippy and Instagram-worthy. Coachella-envy is a go-go … [Read more...]

5 Brilliant Exercise Songs for your Work-Out

  Motivation, motivation, motivation. This goes out to my sister who's going to be running the London marathon soon. And all those people struggling against the daily gym grind. I sympathise. These are mostly remixes but they're good remixes, chumps. … [Read more...]

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2012 Countdown: Our Songs Of The Year

2012 has been framed by three major singles. In the fresh days of spring, "Call Me Maybe" phoned its friend, Justin Bieber, and took over ... everything. Then when we had had enough of chanting Cary Rae's ode to tech-flirting, we moved onto something way, way different. PSY's "Gangnam Style" came, pretty ladied all over the place and cowboy danced out of town. But gloriously … [Read more...]

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Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding team up on I Need Your Love

Artists of the moment, Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris, have teamed up for a single that's sure to feature on your winter party soundtrack. Is this Autumn's answer to We Found Love? Probably. I mean, the video might not be quite so ... trippy but the sound isn't dissimilar. Love in the refrain? Ecstatic build ups? Double check. Enjoy: … [Read more...]

We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) – Rihanna

Okay forgive me for being late on this one. About a month late, but we'll just say that this is post that is celebrating the video. It was weird. The other night I heard a Rihanna song. I liked it, so I decided to listen to some more Rihanna songs. It was a very simple development that took place over the course of that one night, and now I really really like Rihanna. Her … [Read more...]