Interview: Say Lou Lou

So girls, can you explain to us how Say Lou Lou came into existence? Had you always dreamed of releasing music or did it happen kind of out of the blue? Say Lou Lou started the day we were born… Haha! No, but we have always been around music; our parents and all of our uncles work with music and theater so it's something that's been in our lives always. However pursuing it … [Read more...]


  Last night Drake's label's newest talent PARTYNEXTDOOR released his self-titled debut album. Having only previously dropped two tracks, the finer details of the album were shrouded in mystery before the release, though the two songs did seem to reveal a lot about PARTYNEXTDOOR's sound. There are a lot of things that I love about this album and some things that I … [Read more...]

Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix) – Ultraista

Thanksgiving break has come to an end. I don't know about you but I ate enough turkey to feed everyone who is going to love this track. Get it? Because that's a lot of people? Nevermind. Hopefully you'll be refreshed from seeing your family and loved ones and ready to receive the stream of unbelievable tunes I promis to unleash upon your ears. … [Read more...]

Hesperus – Hooch

College is full of late nights. Staying up and reading so much that my brain can't even process words anymore has become a regularity. During these late nights, we need something to keep us going, right? Enter Hooch... … [Read more...]

Where Have You Gone – Carousel

A happy coincidence indeed that this particular song title is suitably meta-textual, as I haven't been posting for a bit. But with the onset of April, after equal amounts of soul-searching and movie watching, it's time to continue on my merry way of sharing new music. I'd like to think of my 2 week break as Hank Moody-esque (à la Californication, Season 1), but indeed that is a … [Read more...]