9 Songs for Coming Down

I used to have a playlist - compiled by iTunes, I believe - called 'Indie: Coming Down.' It breaks every puppy-orientated string in my heart to tell you I can't find this anywhere on my iPod or computer. When I downloaded it, I don't think I quite understood the motive behind the playlist. I was going through a '16 year old kid trying to get into Radiohead' sorta thing and my … [Read more...]

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Sandalwood, Sirens – Eppard

I've quickly realised that I will often oscillate between slightly dreamy and slightly rocky, with shades of music in-between; I guess that's my sort of scene then? Haha. Anyway, it looks like I'm in a big dream-esque, grandiose phase in terms of music listening at the moment, so here is some nice chillwave from Eppard: … [Read more...]

Archive 3: Surface – Teen Daze

Need something chilled to brace yourself for the mid-week slump? Guess it's time to riffle through the archives again and produce this gem of a track from a dusty place! With a very trippy video background, the hazy sound of Teen Daze will zen you out: … [Read more...]

Sparkly – Young Magic

This week has been a tough week. Getting back to school is never fun but despite getting back to the ever-present mountain of homework that perpetually hangs above my head, I managed to stumble across a gem of a song with an amazing piece of album art! … [Read more...]

No Way Back – oOoOO (ft. Butterclock)

Chillwave and a suitably obscure artist name? Why, you may think to yourself, Bal certainly is providing a delicious counterpoint against those mainstream moguls, Henry and Jonah (I have yet to decide whether I am 'cool' enough to warrant a self-referential third-person). Meanwhile, you also notice (astute reader as you are), this suitably minimalist image. Two hands? The same … [Read more...]