4 reasons why Jimmy Fallon music is the best

So I've recently become pretty obsessed with Jimmy Fallon, and in particular his always amazing musical skits. Check out why these are a chat show revelation. … [Read more...]

A Merry Christmas Two-fer

Merry Christmas to all, and may the sweet voice of a prepubescent Michael Jackson truly get you in the Christmas spirit. This is probably my favorite Christmas song of all time, and I couldn't keep it to myself on this day of giving. The 5 are really on their games for this one, a cover of the classic "Up on the Housetop." … [Read more...]

Christmas Freebies

Okay, I feel bad that I've left you guys without anything for a while, so hopefully this will make up for it to some extent. Time for two Christmas freebies. The first thing I've been listening to is Hiatus' new mini-album. It's called Music For A Film, and it's absolutely staggeringly good, which is what I have come to expect from Hiatus recently. Download the whole thing for … [Read more...]