Best Acts from Coachella 2014

  Another year, another Coachella I still can't attend. Soon enough I'm gonna get myself there, but who are the acts which I most which I had been there vibing to? Let's have a look, and see who controversially gets left off my list (it's Outkast). … [Read more...]

Get Lucky – Daughter

While all the buzz is around the return of Daft Punk and their big new summer tune, Daughter offers their own twist on the tune in a typically Daughter heart wrenching style. … [Read more...]

Look At Yourself – Synkro

I've long been a fan of Manchunian producer/DJ Synkro ever since his excellent The xx and Daughter remixes (see 'Night Time' and 'Love' respectively) and now with his signing to electro-heavyweights R&S' sister label Apollo Records, he's going to hit the big time (as big as you can get as a minimalist post-dubstep DJ). So, what better way to celebrate than with a review of … [Read more...]

Youth – Daughter

I went to Ben Howard a week and a half ago. It blew my mind. He rocked the house. But I also saw Daughter, who turned out to be the best support act one could hope for. See why after the jump. … [Read more...]