Autumn Music to Fall into

Henry: I am so excited for Autumn; the intensity of Summer's over and Christmas schmaltz hasn't taken over yet. Now's prime jumper-wearing weather and music-listening season. The sentimental stickiness of summer music is an August memory, and my iPod isn't all Zooey Deschanel covering Christmas songs yet. Instead it's as hopeful as a crisp morning walk through a forest, or like … [Read more...]

The Nines: Most Beautiful Sad Songs

Songs can bring out all sorts of emotions in us. When you want to feel those that involve getting teary-eyed, you couldn't find yourself a better set of nine stunning songs than ours. Heads up - No Sigur Ros (every one of their songs could take up this playlist!) and nothing before 2000 (a list for another time). … [Read more...]

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Let Music Do The Work For You

What is about the Cee Lo Green's F*** You that made it such a popular song? An infectious beat? His wonderful, silky voice? Or maybe it's just because he took the words right out of our mouths (and in my case sang them in tune.) F*** You works as such a good pop song because it's a feeling we've all felt. It's a song that you can mould to your lifestyle and automatically … [Read more...]

The Ice is Getting Thinner – Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab are a band that have swayed between pop culture from The O.C and Gossip Girl but still haven't fully hit the mainstream. That is not to say they're not famous but if you asked you average X Factor watcher, they've probably heard of The Strokes but not Death Cab. This has helped the band to keep a credible independent mystique, it is also helpful when your lead singer … [Read more...]