LIVE: The 1975 @ Subterranean

I think we've run out of new pictures of The 1975 to use in our blog posts, so  I'm going to gamble and use this golden oldie. With the four piece rock band over in the USA for the first time, and with me, myself and I comfortably revising for exams in Chicago, we seemed a match made in heaven on a freezing cold Chicago evening. … [Read more...]

Ghosts – B I G S L E E P

Drive Like I Do are back, now, as promised, as B I G S L E E P. That makes them the second of four bands to come back from a quiet 2010 and its only January! Big Sleep, as they are now known as, are born right out of the now deceased project Drive Like I Do. And former fans of DLID, of which there are many, will instantly be pleased to see that what made them so good to listen … [Read more...]

2010 – What Happened To Them?

Merry Christmas one and all. Today, in light of the special day, we are giving you a special piece where some actual journalism may appear. This year promised much in terms of music with real artists shining through. Oh no, that's not right - music this year was not good. But it should have been but several bands failed to appear this year when it was long overdue. … [Read more...]

Robbers – Drive Like I Do

Recently all of us seem to have written something very current but today I thought I would treat you all to some music from a few years back when Alternative Rock was unstoppable. It was time when Fall Out Boy were dominating in the States and here in the UK, bands like the Arctic Monkeys were making a huge impact on music. … [Read more...]