Reasons to get loved up for Lovebox

Ah Lovebox, my choice for this Summer's Taylor one off festival, and with it a mere 48 hours away, I'm starting to get mighty excited over it all, and Michael had better be too ( if he sorts out his act and gets a ticket. ) Check out my top picks amongst a phenomenal lineup hitting Victoria Park this Friday. … [Read more...]

Best Acts from Coachella 2014

  Another year, another Coachella I still can't attend. Soon enough I'm gonna get myself there, but who are the acts which I most which I had been there vibing to? Let's have a look, and see who controversially gets left off my list (it's Outkast). … [Read more...]

A few reasons why I NEED to get my hands on Parklife Tickets

Festival season is just round the corner (with that whole pesky exam business standing between me and daydrinking) and there's one that I am desperate to go to. Cue Parklife. … [Read more...]

And the 4 reasons why Hideout 2013 exceeded my expectations

As I return to normality and being able to speak at a reasonable level, Hideout 2013 has ended. Did it live up to my high hopes outlined in my previous article - - or did it even exceed them? Find out below (spoilers alert, it totally exceeded them) … [Read more...]

4 things getting me buzzing for Hideout 2013

As of 4am Friday morning, I am on holiday! Nice as my friends / girlfriend may be, the Hideout festival itself in Novalja is what's getting me truly excited. Let's discuss why. … [Read more...]