6 reasons The Great Gatsby might just be too big to fail

I don't normally get nervous about film releases but ... I'm nervous about The Great Gatsby. Because the source material is seriously great - and great in a way that's sometimes underplayed because it's so 'I read this at school and I just so love the green light metaphor' - and previous adaptations have been ... well, they've been made. And there's just been so much publicity … [Read more...]

Walk Through Walls – Kyla La Grange

I'm crazily tired today. I put in a Scotty Parker shift of exercise and my body is suffering. But fret not, I still have energy to give you a cracking track. … [Read more...]

No Light No Light (Spector Ryan Gosling Remix) – Florence & The Machine

Where has What We're Listening to been? I bet that's what you're thinking as you catch up with us this Friday. In short, blame everyone but me. For now I'll make up with it after the jump. … [Read more...]