Covering Our (Sound)Tracks: The O.C.

Of my favourite albums, soundtracks feature strongly. I buy soundtracks when I a) think that the music is worth having and b) when the accompanying film or television show is good. It creates a link between the music so that it's not standalone but has context. It also means that you make a connection with the music, that depending on the given television show or film, can … [Read more...]

Forever Young – Youth Group

This is a really nostalgic post and I make no apologies for it. Forever Young (the Youth Group's version, not the original Alphaville one- sometimes covers are better) is a song that most teenagers can/have/will always relate to. It's one of those pensive summer songs to play at the beach after-party. You may laugh but it has such a tender nature and delicate sound that it … [Read more...]