An Avalanche of Music to Make Up For Lost Time: My Favorite Tracks Over The Holiday Period

The holidays are over. This means two things: Firstly, I will start posting regularly again. I know that this is a cause for intense celebration on your behalf and I'm happy to announce this news as though it were a late Christmas gift for you. You're welcome and if I deemed it acceptable to use emoticons in a blog post then you can bet your bottom dollar that there would be a … [Read more...]

2012’s Best (And Worst) Trends

Oh boy, there was some stuff in 2012. And lots of that stuff can stay the hell in 2012. Ubiquitous four to the floor tracks, annoygin vocal ticks and Emeli Sande got on our writers' nerves this year. But as ever we liked a lot, too. In fact, 2012 was a bumper year for trends. R&B's landscape was redefined, artists returned second albums that didn't suck (easier said than … [Read more...]

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2012 Countdown: Our Albums Of The Year

Consensus on the website is divided about the quality of this year's albums. And it's not that hard to see why. Plenty of big name acts have released albums that - even if some of us rather liked them - weren't exciting in a way that sophomore albums should be. You don't always have to re-define your sounds and expansion is a goal; the worst thing to feel about an album is that … [Read more...]

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2012 Countdown: Our Songs Of The Year

2012 has been framed by three major singles. In the fresh days of spring, "Call Me Maybe" phoned its friend, Justin Bieber, and took over ... everything. Then when we had had enough of chanting Cary Rae's ode to tech-flirting, we moved onto something way, way different. PSY's "Gangnam Style" came, pretty ladied all over the place and cowboy danced out of town. But gloriously … [Read more...]

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The Nines: Songs About Your Crush

It's a funny time of the year to fall in love, right? Right. But love don't work to no calendar, y'all. Coming up are the best songs to listen when: a) thinking about your crush, b) (day-)dreaming about your crush c) playing over scenarios in your head about your crush. Enjoy, and keep on keeping awake at night. … [Read more...]

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