The Nines: “Femtronica” Songs

Is it a word? Yes. Is it an awesome genre? Yes. Did I just come up with it brilliantly? You're fucking right I did. Nine wonderful women with nine stunning electronica tracks coming up. … [Read more...]

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12 Songs of Christmas: A Festive Catch-Up

  Okay - I'm just going to come out and say it - I am sincerely sorry. You guys may have noticed I haven't been here for a good three weeks and I take full responsibility. As such, I demand you forgive me immediately. Sweet, let's listen to 12 storming tracks. … [Read more...]

Go Slow – HAIM

Haim are made up of three sisters. And Dash Hutton (bless him - it can't be easy) and they come together to give you an awesome Tuesday track after the jump. … [Read more...]