60s Throwback

The Sixties really were a crazy decade. Socially, politically, in the world of sport, cinema, and most importantly for this article, musically, that decade completely redefined the world. So which classic choooons am I listening to this week? … [Read more...]

The Chainsmokers drop new mix ‘Kanye’ (with 0% selfie)

The Chainsmokers are a name I'm sure you're familiar with, after they've blown up this past year, helped in no small way by their enormous hit Selfie. Here's a second original release, and in my opinion, an even better tune with more beats, less social satire. … [Read more...]

A few reasons why I NEED to get my hands on Parklife Tickets

Festival season is just round the corner (with that whole pesky exam business standing between me and daydrinking) and there's one that I am desperate to go to. Cue Parklife. … [Read more...]

Little Talks gets its definitive mix thanks to Thomas Jack

Not only possessing pretty sweet fonts to lay over tropical looking photos, Thomas Jack possesses a great bit of house related knowledge as he mixes some Of Monsters and Men with some techno goodness. … [Read more...]

A few words about Nepheww

Sorry for the delay folks, but I'm back and bringing you all a little treat, courtesy of London beats master Nepheww, who's already had a decent amount of exposure and love from us here, but here's why he deserves even more. … [Read more...]