Exclusive Mix: DJ Leo Lauretti

If you read our interview with DJ Leo Lauretti, you might remember him promising a half-hour exclusive mix. Well guess what? He's given us double the trouble with an hourlong set that is absolutely out of this world. If there was ever a summer party mix full of anthems and tunes to jump around to, then this is it. Listen below, and because we're so nice you can download it … [Read more...]

And the 4 reasons why Hideout 2013 exceeded my expectations

As I return to normality and being able to speak at a reasonable level, Hideout 2013 has ended. Did it live up to my high hopes outlined in my previous article - http://canyouhearthis.co.uk/2013/06/27/4-things-getting-me-buzzing-for-hideout-2013/ - or did it even exceed them? Find out below (spoilers alert, it totally exceeded them) … [Read more...]

4 things getting me buzzing for Hideout 2013

As of 4am Friday morning, I am on holiday! Nice as my friends / girlfriend may be, the Hideout festival itself in Novalja is what's getting me truly excited. Let's discuss why. … [Read more...]

Julian – Say Lou Lou

Deep House has become my new Acoustic folk tunes, so Say Lou Lou come in and stomp all over my mellow playlist with their housetacular Julian. … [Read more...]

Heartbreak Hotel as Elvis’ home is put up for sale

Long live the King. That's all I will ever have to say about Elvis. He is a man who totally re defined the world of music. Those gyrating hips, those long crooning vocals, that swag-tacular hair. The man was an absolute icon. He still is. … [Read more...]